Union Pacific "Big Boy" Steam Locomotive #4014

On 17 July 2019, Union Pacific Railroad's "Big Boy" #4014 was traveling north from Iowa to St Paul, Minn.  I managed to catch this impressive example of 1940s-era engineering at two locations south of St Paul.  The first just north of Medford, Minn, and the second at a road overpass north of Farmington, Minn.

I experimented with capturing video as well as still images.  Still images don't do justice to a roaring, steaming, living machine like the Big Boy.  Video, with its ability to capture motion and sound, communicates the essence of this beast.

The same basic Photoshop skills employed to edit still images are used to edit video.  Here are two helpful tutorials that show the basics of video editing using Photoshop:

- Video Features in Adobe Photoshop

- How to Edit Video in Photoshop

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