other websites

Below are links to photography-related web sites, as well as some other sites that I occasionally visit and that you may find interesting.

Minneapolis Photo Center: A great place to learn, live, socialize, and share photography with others. Their classes are great! Their exhibit openings offer a fun opportunity to enjoy unique photography and socialize with other photographers.

Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs (TCACCC): A very complete listing of photography clubs in the Minneapolis - St Paul, Minnesota (Twin Cities) area.

Minnesota Valley Photography Club (MVPC): My local photography club in Lakeville, MN.

International Society for Aviation Photography (ISAP): An organization open to photographers of all skill levels who share the passion of aviation photography. ISAP's annual symposium is a fantastic opportunity to learn about photography from recognized experts and meet other aviation photographers.

Commemorative Air Force (CAF): Formerly known as the Confederate Air Force, the organization's mission is to preserve the history of American military aviation by maintaining and flying vintage aircraft.

Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing (CAFMN): The local Wing of the CAF located at the South St Paul Airport (Fleming Field).

What the Duck: Do you need a laugh? Enjoy the foibles of this camera-toting duck. If you are a serious photographer, you will enjoy and understand the humor.

Strobist: Learn how to achieve dramatic lighting effects with portable strobes. Click here to go directly to the very informative Lighting 101 course.

Canon Digital Learning Center: Learn about the latest products from Canon, techniques on using your equipment, and inspiration from Canon's Explorers of Light photographers.