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I have been shooting photos for over twenty years.  In 2001, I surrendered to persistent inspiration and started focusing (no pun intended) on developing my photography skills.  (Okay, I did intend that pun.)  I created this site in 2007 to share my photography.

My initial passion in photography was aviation photography--images of aircraft and the people who work around them.  I am also impassioned about travel, nature, and fine art photography.  Because I have to balance the demands of my paying job with my photography, my photography progress is sometimes slow.


My home photo club is the Minnesota Valley Photography Club (MVPC).

I am also a member of the Minneapolis Photo Center, which is a great place to live, learn, and experience photography with other photographers.

While on an out of town work assignment, I discovered and enjoyed a great photography club--the Arkansas Outdoor Photographers Club (AOPC), which meets in Little Rock, AR.  The club is very active, and the members are very friendly and helpful.


I shoot with Canon cameras and lenses, carry my equipment in Lowepro bags, and print with an Epson printer.  I steady my camera with a Really Right Stuff ball head and a Gitzo tripod.

Thank you for viewing my images.  Please come back to check my site's growth.

Mark Naumann