July 7:  Images from the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing History Flight Day (June 25, 2022) are posted!!  

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The Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing had a great History Flight Day on Saturday, June 25. Many of our guests enjoyed History Flights. One of our special guests was high school teacher Greg Gamache. Greg teaches World War II history in Hudson, Wisconsin. As an end-of-year gift, Greg’s students purchased him a flight in our B-25 “Miss Mitchell”. This flight experience will provide Greg a broader perspective with which to teach WW II history.

Another group visiting us was attired in beautiful vintage 1940s-era clothing. They attended our recent hangar dance. Today, they were celebrating a birthday in their group, and the gift to their comrade was to give her a B-25 flight. We also had young Keagan, whose grandfather purchased him a flight in our SNJ trainer aircraft.

A flight in one of our aircraft makes a great gift. You are providing the recipient a unique, historic experience, while at the same time making a tax-deductible contribution to keeping our aircraft and vehicles operating.

Our next History Flight Days  are scheduled for Saturday, July 23; Aug 27; and Sept 24.  Please check our website for the latest information.

Do you enjoy 1940s-era Swing Music and dancing?  Please join us for our next HANGAR DANCE on Saturday, Sept 10.

And how about enjoying historic aircraft and craft beer?  We invite you to our "Hops and Props" event on Oct 22.

Thank you for supporting the CAF Minnesota Wing.